• SuperSkeleton

    Always Watchful

    • Analytics keep the constant watch
    • Actively integrating and managing resources
    • Leveraging legacy systems into an IP-based world
    • Reducing risk and simplifying operations
  • SuperSkeleton

    Protecting Critical Infrastructure

    • Protecting critical transportation routes
    • Identifying threats to wide-area power supplies
    • Assessing possible breaches to secure areas
    • Using IP-based communications for securing wide areas
  • SuperSkeleton

    Assessing Threats Intelligently

    • Empowering customers with timely, actionable information
    • Actively tracking and identifying threats to security
    • Assessing threats based on defined analytics – working smarter
    • Using mobile technology to understand sooner
  • SuperSkeleton

    Securing Perimeters and Critical Assets

    • Establishing virtual fences
    • Seeing short, medium, and long-range – visual and thermal
    • Detecting breech of boundaries
  • SuperSkeleton

    Protecting Life

    • Setting and monitoring boundaries
    • Seeing first, understanding first, acting first
    • Proactively aware of and responsive to potential threats
    • Responsibly managing secured space

See First, Understand First, Act First

To be effective with security, accomplishing these three objectives is critical. Everything we do in support of our customers is focused on attaining these objectives.

Welcome to G Technologies Corporation

Established in 2005, we serve our customers with clarity of purpose and intent: to help protect lives and critical assets. We believe that the key to success in any environment where security and safety are critical is to “See first. Understand first. Act first.”

We believe in leveraging existing security assets, when possible, coupled with advanced solutions in the most cost-effective way. We care about relationships and the intelligent protection of our nation’s great assets.


Our Clients

Our Capabilities

Intelligent Security Solutions

  • Advanced video surveillance
  • Network Centric Solutions
  • Integrated access control systems
  • Leveraging legacy security systems with IP-based technology
  • Interfacing with intrusion detection systems

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